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Colleen K. Hendry, Founder

Colleen loves traveling, music, hockey…GO B’s, running, tech and her dog Bella.  Colleen was born and raised in South Dakota and has lived in Seattle, Sacramento, Chicago, Greater Boston area and now Rhode Island.  She has traveled to 48 of the 50 states in the US and 18 countries around the world.  Colleen has been a Product Manager in the technology space for more than 8 years and lives to attend the Apple World Wide Developer Conference each year.  Her passion is for innovative technology used to help and connect people.  Colleen worked long days in Chicago and decided to start running with her dog Bella on the beaches of Lake Michigan to make sure they both got the exercise they needed.  When she moved to Boston, running 5K races became her guide to getting to know New England and her surroundings.  Colleen ran her first half marathon in San Francisco in 2010.  She’s since run the Boulder Bolder 10K, Inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC in 2013 along with countless local 5K races.  Colleen has the Virtual Race bug and tries to complete 5 to 7 a month to support her health and charities.  Virtual Run Co gives her the opportunity to envelop her life with everything she loves and is passionate about.





Anna Eiler, Director of Marketing & Events

Anna grew up in a small farming town in rural Minnesota.  From there she went to college in Kenosha, WI and began a career in Social Work, primarily working with adolescents and pregnant women.  After almost 10 years in the field and getting her Masters Degree from the University of Denver; she decided to move into the corporate world as a software trainer in Chicago.  After discovering her office had a gym, she began running in January 2006 and ran her first half marathon through the AIDS training program later that fall.  Since then, she has completed the Las Vegas half, Nike Women’s half in San Francisco and DC, the San Diego half and lastly the Tough Mudder SoCal in 2013.  Anna currently resides in San Diego, CA and is excited for the opportunity to combine her passion for running with the ability to raise money for charities through the Virtual Run Co.