What is a Virtual Run/Walk





A virtual run/walk is one you can run/walk anywhere…anytime.  Our virtual runs/walks have a set distance (5K, 10K or 1/2 Marathon) that you can run all at once or break it up into multiple runs as long as you finish within the Event Timeline (typically within a month).  For the run/walk you get an AWESOME finisher medal and profits go to charity.







Simple Steps to Accomplishing a Virtual Run Co Event

1) Register for events on this website by going to to our Events page.  Click or Tap on the race you are interested in.  Click or tap on the “Register” button at the bottom of that page.  (Note: Please make sure you read all Event Information before Registering.)  You will be redirected to a secured shopping cart page where you can register using either a PayPal account or Visa / MasterCard / AMEX / Discover.

2) Visit our Facebook and “like” the page.  You do not have to be a member of Facebook to participate in an Event.  We will post important updates about the race more frequently on Facebook.  This will also be a place to post pictures and gain extra inspiration and motivation from the accomplishments of our community.

3) Prior to each event start date, return to that race’s Events page or our Facebook for updates and details.

4) Prior to the race, each registered participant will receive a unique custom bib designed for the race.  Each bib will include the participant’s name and bib number.

5) Run or Walk Virtual…Anywhere, Anytime between the start and end dates of each event.  Go solo, go with a buddy or organize a group to go together!  Run or walk the 5k distance (3.1 miles); 10k (6.2 miles) or the half marathon (13.1 miles).

6) Report your Race Time and Information in our Race-Report page.  Note: In order to receive your medal, you MUST complete your Race Report on or before the last day of the event.  You don’t have to do it on the day but you do need to do this before the event ends.  This is the accountability step for each of our events.

7) You Finished!!!  Whether it is your first race or one of hundreds…we all want to congratulate you!!  Take a picture, make a collage and give yourself a shout out!!  This is the perfect opportunity for our community to cheer you on and for you to cheer on others!  We are all in this together!!  (Please visit our photo gallery on our Facebook Page to see some creative collages of races we have done for the virtual races we’ve completed.)  (If you’re not on Facebook, you may email your results to virtualrunco@gmail.com)

8) You will receive the official finisher’s medal pictured on the event info page for completing the virtual run.  Our medals are, custom-made and designed by us.  Shipping of medals varies by each race, so please visit the page of your race to get shipping information.

Our goal is to organize events that get and keep you active!!  If you’d like to know more, have questions or any feedback please please click here.

Want to Make Your Miles Go Further?

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Whether you are a company or individual that would like to sponsor one of our events or our community. We would love to speak with you. Thank you in advance for your consideration!



Jodi“If you had asked me two years ago if a 3 mile walk was a big deal I would have laughed, loudly. You see, walking used to be my main form of exercise. I walked before work some days, I walked regularly on the weekend, I even participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer three times, a grueling 40 mile walk over two days that raises money for cancer research. A three mile walk used to feel like a warm up, that is until it wasn’t.

In March of 2012 I started waking up with pain in my hands and wrists. The pain would last about 4 hours and then disappear but every morning it came back again. I convinced myself that it was the change in seasons or perhaps carpel tunnel and it wasn’t until month later when my hand was so swollen that I couldn’t hold a pen that I decided to call my doctor. By that point the pain had also spread to my knees, feet and shoulders. I was barely sleeping because I couldn’t find a comfortable position and the simplest tasks like getting dressed and brushing my hair took twice as long and HURT.  I had to use two hands to lift a cup of coffee and I started walking with a limp because my feet were so swollen. My regular 3 mile walks were a distant memory.

In October of 2012 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), an auto-immune disease that attacks the linings of the joints in your body. While there is no cure for RA there are many drugs on the market used to manage the symptoms and prevent further deterioration of the joints. The challenge is in finding the right “cocktail” of drugs, most of which have unpleasant side effects.  It’s been an arduous process over the past eighteen months to find the right “cocktail” for me but I think we’re finally there. While I’ve lost a lot of strength in my hands and can no longer wear three inch heels, I’m feeling so much better and that is something that seemed impossible a year ago.

When Colleen announced that she was starting Virtual Run Co, I was so inspired by her mission that I wanted to support her and her new venture, I just wasn’t sure my body was up for the challenge. I’ve done a lot of research on RA and everyone says that daily exercise is crucial for long term success. Up until this point the farthest I had walked was maybe a mile and a half, and even then I required multiple breaks. Being on my feet for long periods of time was hard and I was afraid of how I’d feel afterwards if I attempted this. However, I knew if I signed up that I had to do it…. I needed to be held accountable to Colleen, to Virtual Run and most importantly, to myself.

Virtual Run Co gave me the boost I needed to incorporate exercise back into my life. Those 3.1 miles were not easy, they took longer than they used to, but for the first time in almost two years I felt like my old self and I cannot tell you how good that felt.  Thank you Colleen and Virtual Run for motivating me to start walking again and to not give in to this disease; I am forever grateful.”  XO, Jodi



“Colleen and I were neighbors for about a year while I lived in Massachusetts.  I relocated back to the Midwest in April and followed Colleen’s races throughout the year.  In 2014, I was inspired by how committed she was and by February was driven to get involved myself.  I did not know what a virtual race was so I emailed Colleen for some information and she shared some of her favorite sites with me.  I signed up for 4 races right away and caught the race bug for sure.  As a new race participant, sharing pictures and stories with the virtual community has been part of the fun.  I’m excited to join the community Colleen and Angie have started and encourage you to as well!”  Amy Murphy





“Where to begin?  I haven’t run since 2005.  I was a flight attendant on a private jet that was involved in a plane accident that shattered my left ankle, and 3 surgeries and countless hours of rehab later, I was told that I would never run again.  I have never claimed to *love* running, but it had been my go to exercise to keep myself in shape while enjoying life to the fullest.  To be told I would never be able to run again was devastating.

 After my last surgery, which cleaned up a lot of accumulated damage in my ankle, I desperately needed to drop some weight and start living a healthier lifestyle.  The combination of the injury and having a baby (who is now 4 – so I can’t really blame her anymore!) left me about 50 pounds over my goal weight.  I was having trouble keeping up with my family, making it up and down our San Francisco hills, and hated looking in the mirror.  Something had to give.

About this time my friend Colleen, who has always been a dedicated runner, started posting about these run/walk challenges and virtual races.  I loved the idea of being accountable to others to get my miles in, but not having to be there in person, at a specific time.  I started getting up at 5am to get to work early and get my treadmill workout in before most people were awake.  And I won’t lie – it kind of sucked in the beginning!  I was sucking some serious wind and using Couch to 5K app I could hardly run for the 45 seconds straight that it asked me to.

 Then something amazing happened.  After only running a few days a week the first part of the challenge, I caught the bug!  Seeing my mileage show up everyday in the tally email was amazingly encouraging.  I realized that my ankle was not only holding up, but actually starting to feel stronger.  I was running longer and sucking WAY less wind while doing it.  I started to get EXCITED about running everyday, and the conditioning was making other things, like riding my bike and walking up those famous San Francisco hills, easier.

 When Colleen told me she was forming the Virtual Run Co I was so excited for her and signed up for the inaugural race.  I signed up for a 5K and ended up doing a 10K!  When my medal came in the mail I was so proud (although my daughter immediately stole it from me and I haven’t been able to wear it since) and I really felt like I had done something miraculous.  The cherry on top – putting on pants that had been impossibly tight and realizing they are LOOSE, even fresh out of the wash!  Bam!

 Virtual Run Co helped take a person that hadn’t run in 9 years and turn her into someone that just ran 40 miles in a month!  I started running an 18 minute per mile pace, and this morning I ran a 12.36 one.  Without the encouragement of this community there is no way I would have stuck it out and accomplished all that I have so far.  If you need help to start this journey, I can’t think of a better group of peeps to do it with!  Thank you Virtual Run Co and especially Colleen!  I am incredibly grateful and excited to keep on running!”  Sara Jennings